June 10, 2017

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India: by a sort-of-forigner

August 15, 2017

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Lofoten: Land of the Midnight Sun

June 17, 2017

9am: breakfast eaten and we're off to the local supermarket. This is one of Josh's favourite things to do when we're away and he always insists on having a browse (and buying a local packet of crisps/chocolate) because he loves knowing what people eat and the type of produce around (the quirks of travelling with a foodie). We'd made sure we were staying in a cabin with a kitchen over in Lofoten so we wouldn't have to pay to eat out every day! We ended up shopping on a Sunday so the majority of the shops in Bodo were closed except a small section of the KIWI on the side of Bodo closest to the ferry port. We had no idea whether there were any shops near us in Å and how large they were so we chose to shop there just incase (note: there are plenty of supermarkets around Å and Reine so it won't be a problem to shop there at all!) Also, this was the day we took a taxi on a Sunday and ended up paying a premium. If we had known, we would have just walked that half an hour with all of our stuff! 


Grocery shopping, duty free champagne and suitcases in hand, were off, walking to the ferry port. The ferry to Moskenes costs 212NOK per adult (around £20) and tickets can be bought on boarding. Since we were there off-peak, we didn't pre-book our tickets and didn't have to worry about the ferry being full. Info on booking, prices and timetables can be found on the website: http://www.torghatten-nord.no/english/


The journey over was spectacular in itself. Luckily we had superb weather and the water was calm. I'm not sure what I would have done if the sea was rough because I get really bad sea sickness and forgot to buy tablets for it. We had heard that it can get really choppy in bad weather so bear that in mind since it's a three+ hour journey! 


For the most part, we had blue skies and sunshine but did get a bit of snow on our way and enjoyed it in the warmth, hot drinks in hand.


After 2 and a half hours of open ocean, we caught our first glimpse of the snow-capped peaks of Lofoten; the breath-taking landscape we had been waiting so long to see. 


We finally arrived in the sleepy village of Moskenes; our first proper look at Lofoten. As soon as the ferry had docked, we knew we'd be spoilt for choice with landscapes and photographs. We were staying in Å-Hamna Rorbuer, a 10 minute drive from Moskenes and we thought we'd hire a car for the last few days of our trip so asked Martin from our accommodation to pick us up. In hindsight, it would have been useful if we had hired a car from as soon as we'd arrived. It's true what they say: if you're staying in Lofoten, make sure you hire a car!! We hired ours from Rent a Car Moskenes which is right by the ferry port, very convenient if that's your way in and out of Lofoten. 


Å-Hamna Rorbuer are a collection of traditional red fishermen's huts of various sizes. Ours had one bedroom room which was plenty for us. We also had a kitchen, dining room/living space which overlooked the sea and our bedroom faced the mountains. 

Apologies for the poor quality photos, they were taken on my iPhone. The wooden walls and floors were so rustic and cosy and the whole cabin stayed lovely and warm for when we wanted to come back in from the cold. The only issues are that there is no oven (if you're into food then this limits what you're able to cook, like it limited Josh!) and that the kitchen doesn't really have any decent light; a problem if you're visiting over winter. We had to use our phone torches hanging over the shelves, which wasn't ideal. They had most of the cooking equipment you needed but nothing in terms of spices, salt and pepper etc unless there was something left over by previous residents, so I wouldn't bank on that. The utensils weren't particularly clean, with some of them still having old food stuck to the pans. You also have to pay for towels and bedding, which seemed ridiculous for accommodation where you expect a bed (i.e. not a tent!).


Overall, our stay was so incredible but that was made by the location and our happy engagement. If we were anywhere else in the world, we wouldn't have necessarily been 100% happy with the accommodation but it is Norway and prices are insane so it was something that was within our budget. We did say that next time, we'd save up and stay somewhere a little cleaner and that provided the basics without charging extra. So not all negative and it mostly depends on what you're looking for in a place to stay. 


Next post: our engagement <3 


Lots of love, 

K x






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